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Monday, November 2, 2009

A tale of two Presidents

This is from Redstate
I’ve commented on this before at some length and it’s worthwhile to mention again here. George Bush would routinely reach out to families of the military who had had members killed in action. I personally know of families who received a call from the White House and who were brought to locations where the President was visiting on other business to meet with him. There was no fanfare. The families were taken to a large area and were briefed before the President’s arrival so they would know what to expect and that “the President is on a tight schedule and while he wants to spend time with each of you, he needs to leave at ‘X’…” In every instance, President Bush would come into the room, make a few short remarks and then meet with families. In every instance he would talk to individual family members about anything they wanted to talk about, he never rushed them and he stayed until the families suggested he should talk to someone else. There was always a White House photographer present to take pictures that were made available ONLY to the families. Repeat, O.N.L.Y. the families. The press was NEVER present. There was NEVER an announcement from the White House that the President was meeting with the families of the fallen nor were they ever recognized publicly at the event. Their privacy, and their loss, was always respected.
Which brings me to the self-serving bastard who occupies the White House today. He went to Dover. One might think it was to pay respect to the fallen coming home. Wrong. It was for a G*d damn photo op. He took the White House Press Corps with him and made his visit about him.

I didn't vote for Obama. I didn't think he represented anything that I would want in the Oval Office. I dislike him more every day.

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