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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Commander Zero begins his takeover - goodby civil rights and due process

Quite honestly I didn't think he'd be this bold
Among other things, according to the comments and leaked document, the special interest groups speculate the treaty would:
Require Internet Service Providers to monitor all consumers’ Internet communications, terminate their customers’ Internet connections based on rights holders’ repeat allegation of copyright infringement, and divulge the identity of alleged copyright infringers possibly without judicial process, threatening Internet users’ due process and privacy rights; and potentially make ISPs liable for their end users’ alleged infringing activity.
Interfere with fair use of copyrighted materials.
Criminalize peer-to-peer file sharing.
Interfere with legitimate parallel trade in goods, including the resale of brand-name pharmaceutical products.
Impose liability on manufacturers of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), if those APIs are used to make counterfeits — a liability system that may make API manufacturers reluctant to sell to legal generic drug makers, and thereby significantly damage the functioning of the legal generic pharmaceutical industry.
Improperly criminalize acts not done for commercial purpose and with no public health consequences; and Improperly divert public resources into enforcement of private rights.

 Pelosi and Reid will ram this through as a rider on some must pass bill and that'll be the point where historians will be able to point to as the event that either destroyed the first amendment or started the 2nd civil war. And Pelosi and Reid will be enough help from the usual clueless republicans who like to think that 'history called them' to cast such an historic vote.

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