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Thursday, November 26, 2009

The scandal grows unabated

This time it's New Zealand. The raw data and the official data disagree, and surprise, surprise, surprise the official data show warming that DOES NOT EXIST.

UPDATE 15:49 NZDT - NIWA's news release in response to this story appears to have been delayed, and according to a radio news report a few minutes ago Rodney Hide, leader of the minority Act Party and a minister in the National Government, is now calling on his Cabinet colleague, Climate Change Minister Nick Smith, to "please explain" [normal transmission now resumes]
The New Zealand Government's chief climate advisory unit NIWA is under fire for allegedly massaging raw climate data to show a global warming trend that wasn't there.
The scandal breaks as fears grow worldwide that corruption of climate science is not confined to just Britain's CRU climate research centre.
Here's the paper that set this round off.....

Over in global warming's corner we see more lies, more deception. Is this more Dan Ratheresk "fake but accurate" nonsense? Is it possible for the left to learn from their mistakes? I hope not.

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