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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Can this White House be any more stupid?

"I will continue to say what I've said before. You hear in this debate, you hear analogies, you hear references to, you see pictures about and depictions of individuals that are truly stunning, and you hear it all the time. People -- imagine five years ago somebody comparing health care reform to 9/11. Imagine just a few years ago had somebody walked around with images of Hitler.
Hopefully we can get back to a discussion about the issues that are important in this country that we can do so without being personally disagreeable and set up comparisons to things that were so insidious in our history that anybody in any profession or walk of life would be well advised to compare nothing to those atrocities."
Nope I have a hard time believing people would do that

It seems to me we just spent the better part of two Presidencies watching the backers of the current resident of the white house do just that, over and over again, more pathetic and vile with each viewing. Go head Mr. Gibbs click that link and scroll through the pictures of your supporters. Self ownage is usually funny but this is pathetic. Mr. Gibbs you are a liar and a poor one at that.

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