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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sometimes being in IT really sux

long story short 

project a used a database for a conversion, project b started to use it for a second conversion

security wanted a's data cleaned up when they completed their project, was demanding status 

project managers, programmers etc all put their heads together approved a data deletion list and told me to execute

I reviewed it, asked some questions, checked with everyone a second time and got the green light

dropped the data

2 hours later the phone rings - "my shit is all gone, I still need that for project b"

I started the database restore from tape at 16:30PM 11/03 

at 04:33 the f'ing VPN dropped me while the restore was still active, thankfully oracle rman will resume a restore

it's still not done but based on my guestmate it should be done in about 2 hours, then I can get some sleep

I didn't think a backup that takes 5.5 hours to create would take 14-16 hours to restore, wtf pos crappy lan based pseudo-tape library system sux blue monkey balls

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