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Sunday, October 11, 2009

RomneyCare - a preview of what's to come

A warning tale from the Wall Street Journal....
My husband retired from IBM about a decade ago, and as we aren't old enough for Medicare we still buy our health insurance through the company. But IBM, with its typical courtesy, informed us recently that we will be fined by the state.
For the first two years of the mandate, our IBM health insurance was seen as acceptable in the eyes of the state. This year the rules changed. The state requires that health plans cap out-of-pocket expenses for individuals (not including monthly premiums) at $2,000 a year. Our plan's cap is $2,500.
Yep everyone is a potential criminal and the states are out there just waiting for the chance to fine, tax or otherwise raid your wallet to punish you for your independent free thinking ways. Is it time for some push back? As John McCain is so fond of saying ever since he botched his unbelievably lame ass presidential campaign, "Elections have consequences". I'm hoping the next one shows just how true that statement is.

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