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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Democracy on the march!

How's this for action?
If Honduras manages to preserve its democracy despite U.S. pressure to abandon it, the tiny Central American country may wind up thanking Nicaragua's Danny Ortega, of all people.
Last week, President Ortega inadvertently provided the best defense yet of the Honduran decision this summer to remove Manuel Zelaya from the presidency. Nicaragua has a one-term limit for presidents, and Mr. Ortega's term expires in 2011. However, the Nicaraguan doesn't want to leave, and so he asked the Sandinista-controlled Supreme Court to overturn the constitutional ban on his re-election.
Last week the court's constitutional panel obliged him. The Nicaraguan press reported that the vote was held before three opposition judges could reach the chamber in time for the session. Three alternative judges, all Sandinistas, took their place and the court gave Mr. Ortega the green light. Mr. Ortega has decreed that the ruling cannot be appealed.
Our current President has sided with Ortega and Chavez against the rule of law in Honduras.  Now that Ortega has begun his coup in Nicaragua I expect that the White house and the State Department will be silent as Ortega becomes President for life.

The press and the Democrats still seem to get riled when we call our President a spineless marxist; if actions speak louder than words what words describe Obama's actions?

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