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Thursday, October 8, 2009

As soldiers continue to die, Obama continues to dither in front of the mirror of his ego

Jennifer Rubin's commentary nails it dead on.
The latest spin-filled explanation for the stalemate on our Afghanistan war strategy comes from the Washington Post. You see, the civilian leadership didn’t really understand that a full counterinsurgency strategy meant, well, a full counterinsurgency strategy. We get this convoluted tale: over the objection of the noted military historian and war strategist Joe Biden, the military recommended and the president accepted in March a counterinsurgency strategy, but civilian and military leaders somehow didn’t agree on what this meant
Essentially the nubbins in the executive didn't understand what they asked for, and still don't understand what it is going to take. Instead they're going to read the tea leaves, attempt to get Pelosi and Reid and the rest of the democrats in the congress to share the blame for either escalating the war, or throwing it.

I'm betting that Obama will suddenly find some other shiny object (like the Olympics) to distract him in the hopes that it'll all just blow over. And then he'll decide to throw it since he can't ignore it. For now he's apparently content to vote present. Sadly that is change I can believe in, and I don't care for it.

In the meantime the same Democrats who loved it when various Generals spoke out against Bush's handling of the Iraq war are outraged and all "chain of command" when McKrystal responded to the press' questions about the war in Afghanistan; sorry bitches, what goes around comes around.

For me I think we need to buck up and give General McKrystal the troops he's asking for and let him do his job. But if we're not going to do it right then we need to admit we're slackers, pull out and let Afghanistan, and Pakistan go to hell and deal with the consequences of a nuclear armed failed state or two. I know our NATO allies would welcome that move as they're all bored with it and looking for the door.

Remember we can all be content knowing that when this is all over the world will respect us again like they did on 9/10/2001.

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