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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Obama, Chicago and the olympics

There's a good deal of fuss on the right about Obama's trip to Copenhagen to make a bid to get the Olympics sited in Chicago. While I though his wife's comment that making the trip was a 'sacrifice' was such an utterly clueless thing to say that it made me wonder if she suffers from a substance abuse issue, I can't find any fault in Obama making the trip. Obama isn't the first head of state who spoke to the IOC in favor of a city in his country, he'll certainly not be the last. Tempest in a teakettle folks, move along. Congrats Brazil I hope that hosting the Olympics is everything you want it to be. Now Mr. President could you put all these distractions behind you and get down to the actual job of running the country instead of merely running your mouth? The campaign is over, now it's time to actually do the work. There's a little dust up in Afghanistan that sorely needs your attention.

But for those of you who are looking for a thoughtful critique of Obama's effort look no further than The Ego Has Landed.

I think I'm down with the whole Rio thing!

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