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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Just a coincidence?

Honduras leader's nephew killed
The nephew of the interim President of Honduras Roberto Micheletti has been found dead in what the police are calling an execution-style killing.
Enzo Micheletti's body was discovered on Sunday in woodland near Choloma, 250 km north of the capital, Tegucigalpa.
Police say his hands were tied behind his back and his body was riddled with bullets. There is no indication that his death is connected to the coup that brought his uncle to power at the end of June. The 24-year-old's body was discovered on Sunday two days after he had been reported missing.
The body of another unidentified man was found nearby.
Mr Micheletti came to power after President Manuel Zelaya was ousted in June after trying to hold a vote on whether a constituent assembly should be set up to look at rewriting the constitution.
He wants to be reinstated before 29 November elections, but the interim leaders have resisted his demands. They say Mr Zelaya was legally removed from office as he had violated the Honduran constitution.
It is not thought that the interim leader's nephew was involved in politics, but Honduras has the highest murder rate in Central America - much of it drug related.
Last year more than 7,000 people were killed.
Yeah thanks for that meaningless factoid there BBC....the thugs the White House choose to support have begun to murder. Oh yeah this really promotes the freedom agenda!

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