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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Gray Eagles

I'm an aviation enthusiast, I grew up watching my father roar into the air in a B-47 in the 50's and 60's; I was an aircrew man in the USN.  I've always admired the fighter pilot who strapped on his aircraft and went out and faced single combat; pitting their training, skill and luck against an enemy just as determined to perform his duty.
As the "greatest generation" of WW2 veterans slips away from us it's heartwarming to see us return to their extraordinary lives and take one last look at the trials they faced as young men and women. This film is visually stunning and emotionally wrenching; I haven't the words to express how much this moved me.

Here we have a short film showing a WW2 Mustang pilot reunited with his aircraft after 60 years. I can't embed it, you'll have to go here to watch it. I recommend full screen if your pc can handle it.

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