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Saturday, December 19, 2009


I've been lax, not updating. Two things were going on, first I know I'm getting a few hits on this blog, and can't reasonably expect more but I was getting discouraged by the lack of comments, but I've recently received some feedback through a friend that says I do have a few readers. Second I've been caught up in pure disgust at the current state of reality; We have an arrogant and out of control President who when confronted with a skeptical and angry public treats us like an unruly dog that won't heel. He just attempted to lecture the entire world in Copenhagen and came off looking like an arrogant and pithy fool. The press carries his water most of the time, though cracks in the facade are starting to show. We have the collapse of climate change science, buried in total fraud and yet our leaders seem hell bent on using climate change as an excuse to tighten their control over all of us while redistributing the west's gold to the 'underdeveloped world'.  Kafka has nothing on reality.

Expect a major update soon, I can't wish this all away.

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