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Thursday, December 3, 2009


Acorn again...a new wrap up.

And now there's a whistleblower, one who approached the NY Times only to find that the Times was unwilling to expose the fraud that would have threatened the eleciton of the candidate they endorsed, Obama.
ACORN whistleblower Anita MonCrief offers stunning revelations regarding the nation's largest radical left organization, where our Community Activist in Chief cut his teeth. The supposedly nonpartisan organization has been illegally pouring taxpayer money into Democrat causes, letting $millions disappear, and renting out goons for intimidation campaigns, while the New York Times deliberately looks the other way.
ACORN and Project Vote are the same organization. MonCrief drew a paycheck from Project Vote, but was given an ACORN email address. Via Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, her testimony before Congress covers the following:
• November 2007 — Project Vote contacted by Obama presidential campaign

• Project Vote received Obama donor list from Obama campaign

• Project Vote solicited Obama donors to pay for voter registration and to "get out the vote"

• Project Vote received donor lists from other Democratic and labor union sources: John Kerry campaign, [Hillary] Clinton campaign, Barack Obama campaign, Democratic National Committee, America Coming Together ("ACT")

• Project Vote development plan was to "approach maxed out presidential donors" and allegedly use the funds raised for voter registration drives

• ACORN "employees" were paid through Project Vote for partisan campaign activities, such as telling voters “don't vote for Albert Wynn (sic) or vote for this person”
There some serious violations of Federal election law listed above and there is more read it all and consider how the election of 2008 may have been stolen through illegal contributions, racketeering and vote fraud.

Since Acorn, the SEIU and the Democrats cannot be seperated what they've done is pull off a coup. It is time for anyone who cares to contact all their representatives and demand a special prosecutor, demand that ACORN be defunded and demand that everyone involved be investigated, prosecuted and punished.

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