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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The angy mob

I've been giving some thought to where we are in the US today. Disgusted with George Bush the electorate ushered in a Democrat super-majority in 2008 not realizing just how ill advised that decision would be. The Democrats decided that they had a mandate to run amok, at least until 2010, and have decided to bet the farm on making some changes they believe will be permanent changes, even if they lose their majority. First out of the barrel they paid off their supporters with massive pork in the stimulus bill. It appears that the spending in Democrat districts is almost 2:1 over spending in Republican districts. Not only is that unfair, it's criminal.

Party Affiliation
For our analysis, we looked at the 435 congressional districts in the United States plus the District of Columbia, but excluded Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and foreign stimulus recipients, such as Canada. The average number of awards per district is 128, and the average dollar amount awarded per district is $355,103,891.
There are 177 districts represented by Republicans and 259 represented by Democrats.  On average, Democratic districts received 1.6 times more awards than Republican ones. The average number of awards per Republican district is 94, while the average number of awards per Democratic district is 152.
Democratic districts also received 1.89 times more stimulus dollars than Republican districts. The average dollars awarded per Republican district is $232,047,857, while the average dollars awarded per Democratic district is $439,200,100. In total, Democratic districts received 73.47 percent of the total stimulus funds awarded. In terms of numbers of awards, Republican districts received 29.77 percent of the total, while Democratic districts received 70.22 percent.
Despite the nearly $1 trillion dollars spent on the stimulus unemployment continues to rise and real unemployment is closing on 20% in most of the country while poorer states face even higher unemployment.

The deficit is ballooning out of control, so much so that the normally passive voters are becoming increasingly nervous about Government spending. We took to the streets this summer to protest and our elected majority and their lapdog press called them terrorists, used crude sexual remarks to insult them and accused them of being ignorant redneck hicks. Yet the tea party protesters were a cross section of people of all races, religions and political persuasions. By summers end, most Democrat politicians hid from their constituents or held sham "town hall" events where the audience was screened for troublemakers. Others refused to discuss these topics, insulted their constituents to their face and in general demonstrated that ideology trumps representation. Republicans were by no means exempt from criticism, and the national Republican Party attempting in a most ham handed way to capitalize on the tea party movement only to find that they aren't any more popular with tea partiers than democrats. In fact many previously reliable republican voters believe that it was the Republican's out of control spending spree during the Bush administration that is responsible for the Obama presidency and democrat supermajority in congress. Republicans continue to trash blindly in the wilderness because they haven't yet internalized the message and they remain leaderless and mostly without a clue, a strategy or a plan more involved than a conservative 'purity' test dreamed up by people who still haven't come to grips with the issue. 

At the same time the Imperial President hasn't stopped his campaign; relying on campaign trail rhetoric he's busy blaming everything on Bush; we grow ever weary of this nonsense, at some point Barack it's your economy, it's your war, it's your job to make the decisions and be accountable for the results. 
But Barry has plenty of time to jet about, with his lame attempt to sway the Olympic committee, with yet another chorus of "I" from the man who has done nothing more than flit from one job after another that was handed to him effortlessly while taking credit for his audacious hope. The public is bored with the endless speeches about how "I Barack Obama" did this or that wonderous thing when you haven't done much of anything. They grow angry at the continuous world apology tour, the bashing of the country you represent, while kissing the ass of our enemies. We object to the unaccountable Czars taking command of the government, the continuous race baiting, name calling and bald faced lies offered up in an attempt to silence criticism. We're bored with the medias fascination with the trivial while they ignore what's important. The parade of radicals in high level jobs is a clear indication that this President intends to make major changes, permanent changes to the political landscape of the US with or without the consent of the governed.

Congressional deafness on the topic of health care is just another in a series of assaults on the voting populace. The Senate health care bill is a joke, it's a massive subsidy of the insurance industry with millions of new customers delivered by legislative fiat at the point of a gun. It's a metric crapload of new taxes; taxes that don't impact the unions or the congress, just the unwashed masses of taxpaying voters. This is oligarchy in action, the creation of a fascist economy that benefits the industries who pay their campaign costs. Imperial Senate majority leader Harry Reid put a nice tidbit in the health care bill, one that insures that the 'death panels' will NEVER go away!

The health care bill is so bad that it required the bribery of a number of Senators to get a vote for cloture, bribery of those Senators with our money! Yet I'm a white supremacist for opposing the bill. 

The global warming scam continues unabated, despite Obama's promises ideology trumps science and we're all going to pay for carbon indulgences so Al Gore can cash in while the prototype undemocratic world government is born via the hopenhagen agreements. Once again pollution can be abated by allowing the undeveloped world the ability to shake down the first, that's the science of wealth redistribution. 

At every turn thinking voters are lied to, insulted, called names, classified as extreme racists and potential terrorists and ignored by the imperial congress that knows better how to spend our tax dollars and the tax dollars of our children and grandchildren, yet most of these politicians have never made a payroll, worked in a manufacturing job, or managed a successful business of any kind. 

So yes we're angry, we're damn angry and getting angrier by the day, but not only are we angry because our elected reps refuse to hear us, call us names, but because they berate us for the audacity of wanting to be heard. 

We're angry and we vote. I'm betting we're going to vote that anger in record numbers in 2010. 

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