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Saturday, March 19, 2011

The new media meets the new civility

The thugs in Wisconsin aren't going to go down without a fight, and their idea of a fight is hate, violence and intimidation. Democracy in action left wing union style. Check it out:
This isn't a one way fight any more. We will take it from the internet right to 2114Chamberlain Avenue. Do you have any idea where you live? Let us spell it out for you.We understand that you like to eat on the square. You like the Baked Potato at the OldFashioned, do you? There were five of us in there last Tuesday. You like to eat atFresco? We're in the Overture eating, serving, cooking, playing, and performing. Atleast twenty of us have worked for Food Fight. You like to fucking drink at FAIR TRADEdo you? At FAIR TRADE? You are citizen-BANNED from Fair Trade. We will Walker youstraight out of the place whenever you show up. We are at every coffee shop on State,open to close, all the time. We will hang up wanted posters of you everywhere you liketo go. We will picket on public property as close to your house as we can every day.We will harrass the ever loving shit out of you all the time. Campus is OCCUPIED. Statestreet is OCCUPIED. The Square is OCCUPIED. Vilas, Schenk's Corners, Atwood, WillyStreet – Occupied, Occupied, Occupied, Occupied. Did you really think it was all aboutthe Capitol? Fuck the Capitol, we are the CITY.

I don't think I've ever seen a better argument for the disbanding of public unions. We've allowed a culture of entitlement to run amok for far too long. This reads like the tantrum of a 4 year old.

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