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Friday, March 11, 2011

The Union/Democrat circle jerk of corruption

The ongoing temper tantrum of the left in Wisconsin demonstrates the left's lack of respect for our representative democracy. Remember when Obama told the republics "I won"? Remember when the Democrats jammed their ill conceived "ObamaCare" down our throats? Remember Obama telling Republicans they could "come along for the ride" but they needed to "sit down and shut up in the back of the bus"? Remember all the talking heads of the party mouthpiece telling us "elections have consequences"?

Democrats only support democracy when they are winning. The rest of the time they undermine the legislative process with threats, coercion and legal action.

But in this case the underlying reason for the Democrat's hysteria is money; funds derived from a circle of corruption. It is no secret that the vast majority of political donations coming from unions goes to Democrats. So when a "public service" union sits down at the table to "negotiate" for wages and benefits with the politicians the negotiation is always win/win for the union and the pols, while the public gets to pick up the tab. As union wages and membership rise, union dues increase and that gives the unions more money to give back to the very politicians that negotiate their benefits and wages.

While I believe that unions, like all parasites, eventually sicken or kill their host, I have no objection to public employees forming unions. I do object to public unions making political contributions.

The congress and all the states should pass legislation blocking political contributions from unions that represent public employees. Failure to do this is de facto consent to corruption.

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