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Saturday, January 9, 2010

So just fire the blithering idiot, please

I'm not a Republican. I used to be but it became obvious decades ago that Republicans are Conservative in Name Only; they love to be the king makers when they wield the majority and can't stop themselves from acting just like democrats; the Politician as Godfather, handing out favors or leaving a stinking bloody horses head in your bed overnight. I'm a conservative, a small government, less spending, strong defense, local control conservative. The Republicans aren't. I used to think that the contrast between the two parties was this:

Democrats are enthusiastic socialists. Republicans are reluctant socialists. 

Thanks to the Bush Presidency and that miserable 6 years of Republican control of congress I fail to see even that much difference anymore.

Even so it's clear that for most of my adult life the Republicans more closely resemble my thoughts than the Democrats; I've held my nose and voted for the lesser of two evils for what seems like forever and what do I have to show for it? Olympia Snowe? Susan Collins? I'd rather poke myself in the eye. If this is the best conservatives can get on the ballot then we may be well and truly screwed. Forever.

I liked Michael Steele's ads when he was running for Governor; he seemed intelligent, witty and was rumored to be my kind of Republican. When Steele took the helm of the Republican Party I hoped he could do something positive. I think the Republicans, at least a majority of Republican incumbents at the Federal level, are hopelessly corrupted, I thought perhaps Mr. Steele can lead them; Reagan certainly managed to lead them; Reagan's years being the last political bright spot in recent US history. History shows us that as soon as the strong hand at the helm of the party goes away the Republicans reveal that they lack the moral courage, standards and fortitude to actually stand for much of anything. In the months since Steele has taken the helm the Republicans have accomplished nothing; Snowe and Collins are still out of control, the party backed a closet commie in NY, one that even Newt, flush with warm fuzzy feelings after selling out to Democrats on "climate change", well let's say Newt made a huge ass of himself in the NY special election. The RNC raises the bar for the most dysfunctional political organization ever award.

So Steele blunder's along, shooting off his mouth and accomplishing nothing towards establishing a philosophy, platform, brand whatever you want to call it suddenly allows his personal pique to overrule his intelligence (again) and quips something as stupid as this "If you don't want me on the job, fire me. But until then, shut up." I think you should take him up on it. Fire him. Boot him so hard he bounces. Twice.

Mr. Steele your tenure as the Chair of the Republican party has been a disaster. You have accomplished nothing. You've consistently embraced the wrong candidates, in NY, in Florida, now in Mass you're ignoring a good candidate in a tight race that might actually take Kennedy's seat for your party. Instead of helping Scott Brown you're out pushing your book, the one no one gives a flying fuck about since you're a walking, talking disaster. That list of accomplishments you're touting are circumstantial to your leadership of the Republicans; Gollum could win seats against Democrats this year.

Dear Republicans I say do it. Fire the fool and find someone who can actually do something positive.

Oh yeah like that's going to happen.

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