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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Jimmy Carter steps in it again

No longer content to be remembered as the worst President of the 20th Century Jimmy Carter continues in his bid to be remembered as the worst ex-President of all time. It may be a new millennium but this is the same old Carter.

When historians look back on the Carter Presidency I have little doubt they will see a political lightweight, completely out of his depth; the man who ended up being a doormat for every tin pot maniac with an axe to grind against the US. Despite his stunning ineptitude I once admired Carter's post Presidential work with Habitat for Humanity, and though that it redeemed in part, his abysmal performance as President. It was Carter's lack of a strong response to the Iranian Revolution that is directly responsible for the rise of radical Shite Islam. Carter engaged in endless indirect negotiation with the Iranians as they blatantly disregarded international diplomatic law, and commited scores of war crimes against our embassay personnel. The disasterously embarassing rescue attempt reflects on how poorly the CIA performed under his watch. A weak and ineffective man, Carter has spent the last several years showing respect to radical Islam at the cost of his own integrity. Carter wrote an exceptionally one sided and dishonest book about the middle east conflict, a book that helped to undermine US efforts in negotiating a peace settlement at the time it was published (not that I have any faith that a peaceful settlement can be reached then or now). His constant harping against the country of his birth is standard fare for the US loathing left. Consistently throughout his career Carter has shown himself to be just another political poltroon who values rhetoric over the truth. In Carter's world ideology trumps facts.

Once apon a time in this fine republic of ours political disagreement was not only acceptable but expected as an inherent part of the political process; a process where the grand machinations of discussion, debate, and compromise frequenly combined to produce results that carried the highest political endorsement possible, the consent of the governed. Now after 8 years of listening to the left prattle on about how "dissent is the highest form of patriotism" we've entered a new era. Obama's "post-racial" era, that new aquarian age where Obama unites one and all and dissent can no longer found. Dissent can no longer be found because the left has decided that it is tratorous, racist and must be suppressed by any means possible. Carter's senile ranting is right in step with this new meme. Welcome to the new world my brothers, now sit down shut up because "I won". Having confused winning the election with a mandate to ascend the throne of the Americas, Obama and his supporters have little tolerance for dissent and are using their most treasured tactic, the cry of racism, as the opening ploy in their rush to discredit and silence all opposition. It's bad enough that the news media, still basking in the glow of the electorial coup they pulled off in 2008, for the most part still continue to cast anything and everything critical of the current administration as racist, but now this pool senile fool Carter has stepped up to take the spotlight by repeating these dishonest and dispicable slurs. Shame on you Jimmy Carter! Shame on the press for taking advantage of Mr. Carter in his dotage by airing these ludicrious statements. Shame on all of us if we continue to tolerate this divisive behavior on the part of Obama and his supporters.

Now Mr. Gibbs has announced that President Obama doesn't agree with Mr. Carter. This too is standard Obama fare, his shock troops make the allegations and when those allegations cross the line Mr. Obama deftly distances himself from them. We saw this play out throughout the campaign and I expect we'll see it again in the future.

I hope that Mr. Carter and his handlers decide that he's done enough (damage) for one lifetime and that he retires and enjoys a peaceful dotage out of the spotlight. Mr. Carter please do us all one this one last service, shut up and go home, perhaps you could do some rabbit hunting?

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