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Saturday, September 26, 2009

I'm not holding my breath

After months of outrage from the talking heads, those who are supposed to be reporting the news, and their associates who merely comment on the news (and it's getting pretty difficult to tell the news from the commentary anymore) we finally have some actual activists engaging in violent anti-government activity and the news is poo-poo it all and the condemnation from the left is curious, where it isn't celebratory (Huffington Post, Daily KOS) it's rife with excuses for the violence or dominated by utter silence.

I'm talking about the G20. Like all gatherings of the various G groups the left is out in force, hiding their faces, vandalizing everything and begging to have their asses kicked and arrested. This gathering is no different. Many of these professional protesters are actually paid to attend, unlike the participants of the tea parties.

But the most amusing theme to come out of this is the so-called military arrest that's gone viral on you tube.

Drudge picked it up immediately and reported it as a military arrest. OMG it's the end of the universe as we violate posse comitatus and destroy the republic. Smart and observant folk at places like Blackfive were quick to point out these folks aren't military and originally suspected the entire thing was a hoax. In fact it appears these are just police in camo carrying out their duties to round up these anarchist hippies when they violate the law. Good job!

No doubt as the G20 meetings continue we'll see more violence and while I'd love to see and hear the press condemn this left wing violence, I'm not holding my breath. I'm sure we'll continue to hear plenty about all those racists that oppose the financial destruction of the US that the Congress and President are implementing.

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