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Thursday, July 8, 2010

More from J. Christian Adams

I'm going to take a small quote and encourage everyone to go read this.
Soon after his confirmation, Attorney General Eric Holder labeled us a nation of cowards, a people supposedly unwilling or afraid to discuss race. Based on my experience as an attorney at the Civil Rights Division at the Justice Department, Holder has far more to fear from that discussion than do the rest of us.
If we had that frank, truthful discussion about race, we’d learn that the Obama administration doesn’t believe some civil rights laws protect every American. The Bush Civil Rights Division was willing to protect all Americans from racial discrimination; during the Obama years, the Holder years, only some Americans will be protected. Americans have a right to know and judge the racial policies of the administration they elected in 2008
go read the rest here:—-unequal-law-enforcement-reigns-at-obamas-doj-pjm-exclusive/?singlepage=true

 Remember this in November, remember this in 2012 and vote this corrupt administration and their enablers out of office.

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